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What does the Bible say about being nosey?

Question: "What does the Bible say about being nosey?" Answer: Being nosey is a colloquial phrase not found in the Bible. When we say that a person is nosey (or nosy), it generally means he is being overly inquisitive. A nosey person interferes in business that doesn?t concern him, offers unwanted (5 months ago)

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Is there any difference in meaning between nosey and nosy? tks (2 weeks ago)

Nosey | Define Nosey at Dictionary.com

adj. also nosey, 1610s, "having a prominent nose," from nose (n.) + -y (2). Earlier in this sense was nasee (mid-14c.), from Anglo-French, from Old French nasé, ultimately from Latin nasus "nose." (2 weeks ago)

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nosy in-laws asking about our finances. a nosy coworker sat down right next to us as we were having an unmistakably private conversation (2 weeks ago)

Definition of Nosey

offensively curious or inquisitive

Definition of Or

a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific; a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

Definition of Nosy

offensively curious or inquisitive